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Dragon's Landing

Dragon's Landing Drinks

Happy Hour  M-F (3pm - 6pm)

$6 Beer/Wine/Spritzers/DragonClaws


Our exclusice chardonnay made with grapes grown right in Traverse City, Michigan



Made from local grapes in Traverse City, Michigan

Spritzer with house made syrups


Jam Jar: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry

Cucumber Mojito: cucumber, mint, lime 

Purple Peaple Eater: Butterfly pea flower tea, chardonnay

Rotating flavors and pricing may vary

Mulled Spice Sangria


Chardonny, cranbery juice, house-made mulled spice syrup, and club soda.



House chardonnay with craft lemon-lime pop.

Apple Pumpkin Fall Sangria


White wine, apple cider, house-made pumpkin syrup, topped with ginger ale.

American Style Beer

Sandcastle Lager

American Light Lager *4%

Low in malt flavor with a light, dry body and smooth finish.

16oz $5.50 | 8oz $2.75 | Growler $17 | Howler $8.5

Crown Jewel IPA

American IPA *8 %

Dry hopped. Moderate malt character blends nicely with the combinaton of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops.

16oz $6.75 | 8oz. $3.75 | Growler $19.00 | Howler $9.50

Clifford The Big Red

American Amber *5.5%

Toasted caramel, crystal and Munich malts combined with American two-row malted barley. 

16oz $6.75 | 8oz $3.75 | Growler $19 | Howler $9.50

Mariann's Honey Brown


A light brown beer flavored with honey. Mild, crystal and chocolate malts combines with kent goldenings and fuggles hops.

16oz $6.75 | 8oz $3.75 | Growler $19.00 | Howler 9.50

Ball & Chain

Czech Pilsner *5.5%

slightly sweet, toasted biscuit and bready aromas and flavors.

16oz $6.5 | 8oz $3.5 | Growler $18 | Howler $9

Redwing Raspberry Wheat

American Fruit Wheat *5.2%

made with fresh raspberry wth a subtle sweetness and moderate tartness

16oz $6.50 | 8oz $3.50 | Growler $18.00 | Howler $9.00

Funeral Dirge Imperial Stout

Heavy, thick and roasty. Hints of hop bitterness cut through the malt sweetness.

16oz $7.00 | 8oz $4.00 | Growler $20.00 | Howler $10.00 

Belgian Style Beer

Final Absolution

Belgian Trippel *10%
High gravity with a smooth finish 

16oz $7.50 | 8oz $4.25 | Growler $21 | Howler $10.5

Guinevere's Golden Ale

Belgian Pale Ale *5% 
Wheat, coriander & ginger

16oz $6.75 | 8oz $3.75 | Growler $19 | Howler $9.50

Bill's Witbier

This Belgian classic is made with about 40% wheat malt and unmalted wheat. Mt. Hood hops give a balance to the Bitter Orange Peel and Coriander Spice that are used to recreate this Belgian taste. Refreshing and different, you should experience this classic beer. 4.9%

16oz $6.5 | 8oz $3.50 | Growler $18 | Howler $10

English Style Beer

London Brown

English style brown ale *4.7% 
Wonderful mix of malts to create a toasty, nuttym with some caramelly malt; light hoppin

16oz $6.50 | 8oz $3.50 | Growler $18 | Howler $9

Reverend Fred's Oatmeal Stout

Classic sweet stout is a nitro,  has a velety smoothness and finishes with a hint of chocolate malt. 

5.7% 16oz $7.00 | 8oz $3.75  

German Style Beer

Oktoberfest Marzen

German-Style Marzen *6%

A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness, similar to the Vienna lager. Originating in Germany, this style was traditionally brewed in the spring (“Marzen” meaning “March”) and aged, or lagered, throughout the summer.

A stronger version was served at early Oktoberfest celebrations and became known as Oktoberfest. Today, the festival’s version of an Oktoberfest is quite a bit lighter than what American craft brewers consider an Oktoberfest.

16oz $7 | 8oz $4 | 32oz Dragonfest mug & fill  $25 | 32oz Dragonfest mug refill $10| Growler $20 | Howler $10

Oktoberfest Mugs

$25 Mug with your 1st fill of Oktoberfest

$18 Mug only 

$10 refills of Oktoberfest while supplies last

Scottish Style Beer


Our very own hard seltzer brewed right here at Dragon's Landing with a twist.

Jam Jar *5.5%


strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries.

Drankula *5.5%


Blood orange & Pomegranate 

Cucumber Mojito *5.5%


cucumber, lime, mint

Apple Pie


Gala apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger

Flights and BrewCocktails

Beer Flight


Five, 6oz. samples of beer, of your choice.



Final Absolution, Cranberry and Orange Juices.



Mulled spice syrup, orange juice, and  final absolution.



Final Absolution, and Orange Juice.



Lager, Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix, Chli-Lime rim, Meat, Cheese, Pickle garnish


Craft Pop


Rock & Rye, Lemon-Lime, Ginger Ale, Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade

Free reflls



Add any house made syrup to our craft pops or soda waters.