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Dragon's Landing

Dragon's Landing Drinks

Happy Hour 

Wednesday-Friday (3pm-5pm)

$6 Pints, Wine, Spritzers, and Seltzers

Wine, Cider & Spritzers



Our exclusice chardonnay made with grapes grown right in Traverse City, Michigan

16oz $6.75 | 750ml bottle $20

Green Apple Riesling

Light and sweet with delicate crisp apple flavor  

6oz $6.75 | Howler $32

Plain Spritzer


White wine, topped with sprite

American Style Beer

Ball & Chain

Czech Style Pilsner *5.5%

slightly sweet, toasted biscuit and bready aromas and flavors.

16oz $6.5 | 8oz $3.5 | Growler $18 | Howler $9

Redwing Raspberry Wheat

American Fruit Wheat *5.2%

made with fresh raspberry wth a subtle sweetness and moderate tartness

16oz $6.50 | 8oz $3.50 | Growler $18.00 | Howler $9.00

New England IPA

New England IPA *6.5% 
Citrus, juicy

16oz $6.75 | 8oz $3.75 | Growler $19 | Howler $9.5

Crown Jewel IPA

American IPA *8 %

Dry hopped. Moderate malt character blends nicely with the combinaton of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops.

16oz $6.75 | 8oz. $3.75 | Growler $19.00 | Howler $9.50

Funeral Dirge Imperial Stout

Heavy, thick and roasty. Hints of hop bitterness cut through the malt sweetness.

16oz $7.00 | 8oz $4.00 | Growler $20.00 | Howler $10.00 

Belgian Style Beer

Final Absolution

Belgian Trippel *10%
High gravity with a smooth finish 

16oz $7.50 | 8oz $4.25 | Growler $21 | Howler $10.5

Sin Eater

Belgian Dark Strong *10%
Dark, sweet and rich with hints of dark fruit

16oz $7.5 | 8oz 4.25 | Growler $21 | Howler $10.50

English Style Beer

Erik the Red

Irish-Style Red *5%

Notes of toast, caramel, buttery toffee, and some malty sweetness

16oz $6.25 | 8oz $3.25 | Growler $17 | Howler $8.5

Honey Porter (Nitro)

Porter *6.2%

Dark in color but light in taste. Notes from local honey and dark chocolate malt. Refreshingly smooth.

16oz $7 | 8oz $4 | Growler NA | Howler NA

German Style Beer

Scottish Style Beer

Under the Kilt Wee Heavy

Scotch Ale *7.8

Big body  and taste, dark and roasty.

16oz $7 | 8oz $4 | Growler $20 | Howler $10

Dragonclaw Hard Seltzer

Our very own hard seltzer base brewed right here at Dragon's Landing. Combined with one of our house made syrups. 

Watermelon Sugar *5.5%

Fresh watermelon with a jolly-rancher dusted rim.

16oz $6.50 | Growler $20 | Howler $10

Exotic Berry *5.5%

Lychee, Blueberry, and Lemon

16oz $6.50 | Growler $20 | Howler $10

Daiquiri *5.5%

Strawberry, Raspberry, Fresh Lime Juice.

16oz $6.50 | Growler $20 | Howler $10

Flights and BrewCocktails

Beer Flight


Five, 6oz. samples of beer, of your choice.



Final Absolution and Orange Juice


Craft Pop


Rock & Rye, Lemon-Lime, Ginger Ale, Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade

Free refills

Spritzer Mocktails


Add any house made syrup to our craft pops or soda waters.

Trivia Themed Drinks

Specialty Drinks for our Monthly Trivia!

2nd Wednesday of every month

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Dragons Landing for updates on these events, Cheers!


Under The Kilt We Heavy


Scotch Ale *7.8

Big body  and taste, dark and roasty.

Sin Eater


Belgian Dark Strong *10%
Dark, sweet and rich with hints of dark fruit

Castlebrite Apricot


Amercian Fruit Wheat *5.7%
Light and fruity with refreshing apricot flavor

Devil's Knight


American Spiced Pumpkin Ale *4.9%

Reminiscent of pumpkin pie. Nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon balanced against malts and pumpkin.

Crown Jewel


Final Absolution


Belgian Trippel *10%
High gravity with a smooth finish

Erik The Red


Irish-Style Red *5%

Notes of toast, caramel, buttery toffee, and some malty sweetness

Norwegian Style Beer

Russian Style Beer

Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Stout  *7.5% ABV, Thick, malty, slightly sweet

16oz $7 | 8oz $4 | Growler $20 | Howler $10

Dragon's Landing Food


Pub Burger


Build Your Own Burger

1/3 lb. beef patty on a brioche bun

Freebies: lettuce, tomato, house pickle, onion, mayo

Cheese ($1.00): American, Swiss, Gouda, Sharp Cheddar

Extras: Bacon ($1.50), Stout onion ($1.00)

Add Fries: $2.50

The Grilled Cheese


Sharp Cheddar, roasted broccolini, crispy bacon, caramelized stout onions, grilled everything bread

Plain Ole Grilled Cheese


Sharp Cheddar on grilled everything bread

Chuck's MotherCluckin Chicken Club


Pretzel breaded chicken, house onion mayo, tomato, arugula, pickles, shaved ham, swiss, grilled everything bread.

Landing Burger


1/3 lb. beef patty, bacon, smoked gouda, tomato-onion jam, arugula, toasted english muffin

Portobello Sandwich (vegan)


BBQ spiced roasted portobello, arugula, vegan caramelized onion mayo, tomato, red onion, toasted english muffin

Kids Grilled Cheese


Sharp Cheddar on house-made white bread served with fries



Soft Pretzels and Beer Cheese


Three lightly deep-fried and salted pretzels served with our house beer cheese.

Brew Pub Mac


Cavatappi noodles, beer cheese sauce, parmesan bread crumbs.

Bacon: $3.00

Carnitas Pork: $3.50

Dragon Wings

6 for $8

10 for $12

15 for $17

Sauces/Dry Rubs

Carolina Gold, BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Mediterranean Zaatar Dry Rub, BBQ Dry Rub, Chili-Lime Dry Rub, Mother of Sauces (Medium), Excelsior (extremely spicy garlic sauce)


Basket of Fries




Beer Cheese


Side of Fries


Stout BBQ





Brunch (currently unavailable)

Saturday & Sunday 

12pm - 3pm


Kevin's Famous Chili

Roasted Pork and Chorizo with Pinto Beans. Very flavorful with a little kick.

8oz. $5.00 | 12oz. $6.00

Add Sour Cream .50, Red Onion .50 or Gouda/Prove cheese blend $1.00

Falafel Sliders (2) (Vegan)


Falafel patty, garlic-lemon-tahini sauce, olive salad, romaine, tomato

Turkey and Wild Rice

Cup - $3.5 Bowl $4.5

Breaded Steak Sandwich


Italian style breaded steak, tomato sauce, Mozz/Prove, basil pesto, balsamic reduction, grilled Parmesan-herb bread.

Fried Chicken Sliders (2)


Pretzel crusted chicken breast, sharp cheddar, candied bacon, peppercorn mayo, sliced, tomato, arugula.

Not So Classic Poutine


Confit potato, garlic and scallion, beef gravy, cheese curd, roast pork fried egg

Crabby Patty Sliders (2)


Griddled crab cakes, arugula, tomato, remoulade, scratch slider bun.

Meal Kits

Our "cook at home meal kits" offer the satsfaction of enjoying our most popular menu items, hot and fresh in the comfort of your own home. 

The Landing Burger Kit

English muffin buns, meat patty, gouda cheese, arugula, tomato & onion jam, bacon

2 Pack--$19.00

4 Pack--$37.00

Add Side of Fries for $2.50

Pub Burger Kit

Meat patty and brioche buns.

Choose any of the following lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo

Add Bacon $1.50

Add Cheese-- American, Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, Gouda $1.00

Add Stout Onion $1.00

Add Side of Fries $2.50

Grilled Cheese Kit

Sliced everything bread, with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, stout onion, broccolini.

2 Pack--$18.00

4 Pack--$36.00

Add Side of Fries $2.50

Loaf of Everything Bread


Hand made bread encrusted with house made everything seasonings. 

Can be ordered as sliced or whole loaf.